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  Relieved eye allergy
I purchased this vita fresh shower  filter a month ago because I am allergic to chlorine in municipal water. My eyes would almost swell shut, so I had survived city life by using swim goggles for my am shower and heating distilled water in an electric hot pot for washing my face/removing makeup at night.
The vita fresh has allowed me to ditch the goggles and take normal showers. I do love it and find the price for replacement cartridges a reasonable trade off. I installed it as directed using the pipe tape and have had no problems with leaking. The cartridge has lasted almost a full month, as promised, with two people taking daily showers. I like the clear casing so I can visually check the vitamin c level. If it was prettier, I would put one on my basic faucet and the kitchen so I could avoid all chlorine exposure.
  Very easy to install and change the filter
Very easy to install and change the filter. Filter didn't last as long as I expected but it did come with 2 replacements. I bought another one for my bath tub, doesn't fit so I need to by an adapter. Over all a really good product and have noticed that my skin is not as dry. Also removed the chlorine smell from our water.
  I would recommend this vita fresh to anyone with hard water either from a...
This shower filter made such a huge difference with my hair even my husband and kids noticed! My hair doesn't feel weighted down anymore and is definitely healthier. I would recommend this vita fresh shower filter to anyone with hard water either from a well or even city water.

  It definitely does a great job and was easy to install
Could tell a difference in our water right away. Our hair and skin instantly appeared and felt a lot healthier. It definitely does a great job and was easy to install.

  I am very pleased with this product
I am very pleased with this vita fresh shower filter. I did some research on shower filters for chlorine and chloramines and this one rated high. The price point is not cheap but rather mid-range. It does come with 2 additional filters and each filter lasts a couple of months for me. I love the subtle vitamin c scent it gives off during my shower. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my family's skin and hair, not a dry as before. It is easy to install and super easy to change filters.
  Product works well
Product came as described with 3 included filters. Easy to install with the included teflone tape. The product did seem to make a difference in how my wife's hair feels and how our skin feels post showering.
  Ladies love it
Keeps my skin soft and all the ladies love to use my shower now.

  Bye Bye Red Itchy skin
I was having significant redness and dry skin problems with itchy scalp and decided to give this a try. No more redness and itching after showering. Would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin.

  It definitely gets some of the chemical out of the...
It definitely gets some of the chemicals out of the water. My husband and kids can tell. I am personally so sensitive to chemicals that even if there is a little in the water I cannot use it. I still cannot use the city water with this filter, but, it has improved the overall quality according to my husband and kids. We did a double filter. We used this and then attached a charcoal filter to this one.

  My product review
The smell of chlorine in my water is very strong and the first thing I noticed on first use was the lack of chlorine smell. It does a great job removing the chlorine and chloramines from my water. The biggest difference I noticed was my skin no longer is dried out after a shower, I used to use hand lotion after each wash because my hands are so dry the skin could hook itself on clothes and bedsheets.

Now they are normal and I no longer need to use the lotion afterwards. It really delivers!


  Fantastic shower water filter for chlorine and chloramine
My hair is softer and skin is not dried out and flaky. Easy to install. We use it with a button attachment to slow down the flow so as to make the hot water last longer. Far superior to the charcoal based shower filters.

Wish I had found this years ago. Well worth the cost. Comes with 2 extra Vitamin c refill cartridges, so this will last us a very long time. Very happy. Glad we found this.


  Removes chlorine from our water
Definitely takes out the chlorine in our water. Before using the filter, our shower water would smell chlorinated. After using it, we don't smell it.

Here is southern california the water is pretty nasty. My hair and skin was dried out
I purchased this vitamin c filter to go along with a cartridge with a cartridge filter to get rid of the chloramine in my city water. Here in Southern California the water is pretty nasty. My hair and skin was dried out. It's very hard to find a filter that remove chloramine, vitamin c does the best job for shower filter. Made a big difference to my water.
Allergic to chlorine

I think I'm allergic to chlorine (or at least have a sensitivity toward it). About a few weeks ago, I stayed at the MGM in Vegas, but in their special well stay rooms. Not only did they have fancy light alarms, aromatherapy diffuser and extra heavy duty air filters, they also had vitamin c showers. I live in LA and my skin was just about as scaly and dry and peeling as I have ever seen it in my wife. For a convention, we stayed at the MGM well stay rooms and during my 5 day stay, my skin magically became normal again.

When I got back home, my dry scaly itchy crusty skin came back. I quickly searched on amazon for the same thing, and I hoped this product proved to have the same effect. I got this product on a Saturday and by Wednesday my sin has gone back to normal again!!

I would have never know this product existed and I'm so glad I stumbled across it in Vegas. Another bonus, my hair feels amazingly healthy for once again. It was crunchy and dry before the vit c installation. Seriously thinking of switching my whole house to a soft water system, but at least I have this in the meantime!! It doesn't look like it's filtering the water, but I can definitely notice my soaps feel more slick and later better. Thank you! 
Like it, my hair softer and my skin...
Second month using it. Like it, my hair is softer and my skin doesn't smell like chlorine anymore!

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