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Love it
Love it! No leaks... compared to other brand plastic crap, this thing is king.
seems to help my hair

My purchase was motivated by perpetually dry hair and skin. This had not been an issue before we moved to a new house, built just four years ago--one block down the street from a 70 year old house. So, same water supply. My theory is that Dallas' chloramine was being exhausted by the corrosion in the older house's pipes, but, not in this newbie.

So did this help? Mt hair, yes, it seems to have. I haven't suffered from any days where my hair was just inexplicably dry. For my skin, less so. But I figure this is because the towels I dry off with and the sheets I sleep on are washed in chloramine water. So, after I shower, if I don't towel dry my hair, that seems to help it retain moisture. The ultimate test would be to put one of these on the water lines to my washer, but' i'm frankly not quite that obsessive(or affluent).

My first vitamin c cartridge lasted about 7 weeks of daily 10 minute showers. So that will become a new bi-monthly $10 expense to refill this. It was easy to install, and easy to swap the cartridge.

An effective chlorine filter

In just a few days after I installed the filter, my hair has become smoother and thicker, which is pretty awesome. This new quality my hair has taken on does, unfortunately, go away when I wash my hair in water from other(unfiltered) showers, but is regained after a few cycles with the Vita Fresh.
Easy to install
Easy to install. I have this with a another shower filter. Lasted longer than I expected. My hair is very soft and shiny.
                                                                                                                                                                                              Amber L
vita fresh shower filter
works well seems to do the job no leaks easy install
Love this vitamin c inline shower filter!!!!

While I have no scientific finding to support my claims, I really want to gush over this super cool filter! Very easy to install & kinda trippy looking!

Takes up less room than previous filter, so shower head is higher. My sons tender skin responds(while taking ridiculously long baths with all his X mas toys) better than last filter. There is absolutely no chlorine smell!

With no filter the steamy bath smells like an indoor pool.

With last filter we could detect a bit of chlorine smell.

I had no idea my thick waist length winter gnarly hair would LOVE this filter!!!!

The water has a silky, healing feel to it. I use a lot less of my winter healing balm on my usually chapped skin. I work outside & work outside so coming in frozen to this kind of shower is amazing!
expensive, but a good product
I definitely feel a difference on my skin after a shower. My skin seems softer almost like a light lotion was applied. It has been a month now and it still functions like day 1. It was also easy to install-although it is not cheap.
                                                                                                                                                                                           David B
Works well, easy to install

I just got this last week but so far so good. I had previously purchased another shower filter. I didn't notice any change, but, I assumed it must be filtering out something. Then I got a rash after every shower, I replaced the existing one with a new one, but, the rash didn't go away. I called my water company and they said that they use more chlorine in the winter and recommended I try a Vitamin C filter. After using this filter, my hair is much less crazy and my rash has gone away. I have not had any problems with leaks. I can't yet tell how long a cartridge will last. But, i wish they had refillable ones to save on plastic.
Decent filter

works pretty well that we can see, I think I am experiencing less itchy skin. My hair is still giving me issues but it is a work in progress.
hair and skin feel superb, but remember removing chlorine...
hair and skin feel superb, but, remember removing chlorine doesn't mean your ppm will go down since the former is a liquid, and ppm is for solids.
I like this filter a lot
I like this vc filter a lot, but it seems like we go through the filter fast? Easy to install.
customer item received and review

Awesome water feels soft and clean. I notice that my body skin is not itchy anyone I feel cleaner and more refreshed my body and skin care. My body feels so relaxed and I notice that I have no problem with dandruff:D wow...itch free and all...!!! My wife love it"!!!!! She is no thankful of me buying the filter...
PS: without the filter the water in Las Vegas sucks...Too strong with chlorine.
it help me with my acne problem and more.........

my face is very sensitive, i live in an apartment in orlando fl, where the water here is horrible!!!! the water here smells like run off water from the sewer, and heavy with chlorine. as a result my face exploded like mount helen. ance galore!!! got this filter, whatever it didn't catch, the another one would catch. as a result, my face clearing up even faster now. my hair is softer, skin is def softer as well. i didn't have to wait forever to get this item as well.

Perfect. I needed to save on water with a low flow head but didn't want to skip out on my vitamin c shower head that I had bought from same brand before. This was great compromise!
I have really enjoyed this vc filter and recommended to anyone looking for one
I've really enjoyed this filter and recommend to anyone looking for one. I use mine with the another shower filter. I'm getting great results with cleaner water and the added benefit in vitamin c.

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