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What a difference in my hair and skin. I have sensitive skin and winter is tough. Dry, tight, itchy skin. no amount of creams or lotions helped for long.
The Vita-fresh has made showering a pleasant experience again, Literally soft smooth skin and hair. I really am comfortable in my own skin again!
Just installed it 2 weeks ago. Too early to...
Just installed it 2 weeks ago. Too early to comment if its helping reduce hair fall. But, I do feel some difference.
Really makes a difference! Haven't tested the water or anything but i can certainly feel a difference.
Got rid of the chlorine smell, but...

It does work when the other filters could not get rid of chlorine smell. The primary issue for me is that the thread on the filter is different(not as long) as most. For me, this meant I could not fully screw on the shower head, and I have one with separate wand. If it was fully screwed on the filter, the wand would be on the wrong side and cause water flow issue. I ended up having to use the tape to ensure no leak occurred, since i couldn't sully screw on the shower head. If you don't have an auxiliary wand, you should be fine.
smart purchase

We installed this vitamin c shower filter(very easy, universal) and instantly felt the difference (less itch, softer water). We went through the first filter quickly, however, we have 5 people using the same shower because the kids like our large shower. With 5 people taking about 6 hot showers per day this filter lasted 2 weeks. One or two people this filter should last a month or longer depending upon the length and temperature of the water flow. I waited two days before I replaced this Vit C cartridge and we felt the chlorine-itchy skin almost immediately. Even though this unit came with 3 total cartridges I bought 3  more. I'm considering ordering more of these for the other showers in the house. It's ashame not to install these everywhere. If you are worried about cost, compare this to cost of 'under filtering' with a different medium and also the cost of Vit C serum for the skin.
Worth every penny

Once I received it installation was obvious and needed no instructions, took about a minute or two. Be careful not to over tighten as these parts made of plastic and could break with too much pressure. I used the product for a shower and the result was immediately obvious as the chlorine smell was gone and the 2ater just felt like rain. I am Irish and my skin is always dry in the PA winters we have here, after getting a shower it's quite miserable due to the chlorine and humidity.  After the shower last night and now the next morning I have no dry skin and feel very good. This filter clearly is working.

OMG.. i felt a difference the very first shower. I can't believe i didn't know about this sooner and have lived without it for so long. The minute i stepped in the shower my hair and skin felt softer and no hair loss.. at all!!!! I have very long hair and despite using the best most expensive stuff, I could still run my hand down my hair and have a fist full of hairs. With the vitamin c filter.. i ran my hand down... 1 Hair...ONE!!!! I will never have this filter ever again. I want this on every tap in my house
Must have for healthy thyroid
love it.. to bad it look a while to get to me from japan. use this vita fresh shower filter with nascent iodine to keep your body from absorbing harmful chlorine and fluoride.
Cool looking shower filter, unlike most
Seems to work well
perfect product
So easy to install! Does exactly what it's intended to do. Very happy with this shower filter.
so far so good. Combined with a hard metal filter or carbon...
No chlorine odor after use and hair skin seem to be healthier, so far so good. Combined  with a hard metal shower filter or carbon filter, results should be even better.
Love this VC shower filter! my skin has never felt better and...
Love this vitamin c inline shower filter! my skin has never felt better and it no longer itches from all the chlorine in the water. HIGHLY recommend
but it was very easy to install
I think this vitamin c shower filter took 1 week for delivery, and it was very easy to install. I am using it with a my another shower filter  and I can already tell there's a big difference in water. So far I'm very happy with this purchase.
Vita Fresh inline water filter
My hair feels like hair again and my skin doesn't get so scaly. Glad I bout it
So far so good

So far so good with this vita fresh shower filter. I've had it for a week now. It installed easily and looks really cool in the shower. Plus it came with 2 vitamin c refill tubes(3 total). Shipping took just under 1 week. I'm surprised there aren't more reviews. makes me wonder why more people aren't buying it. Regular water filters can't filter out chloramine, which is the most commonly used disinfectant in the water supply in America these days. At least the last 2 cities i've lived in(dallas and San Fran) definitely have had it. If you're getting dry scalp, this might be your solution.



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