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Feedback testimonials
We like to know what you think of our products and services. Your feedback may be shared with our customers, however, we will not display your personal information.

Some of our client feedback/testimonials
(7/22/2018) Very satisfied with my MetroPure2!
Big city living can mean elevated chlorine levels spring and/or fall, and municipally treated water is safe, but I wanted some of those chemicals used to treat our water removed again prior to consumption, closer to natural water. My water has no smell, nor taste, just satisfying and sparkling clean- also an important tool when dealing with autoimmune, all disorders of aging and some environmental toxicity. An effective and simple way to take charge of your health at very reasonable expense.
See AND taste the difference.
Wendy in Alberta
(3/7/2018) Wow. I have rarely had such pleasent prompt service with a purchase. Great customer service and next day delivery under 9 dollars to rural Ontario.I am pleased with quality of product. The only thing I had issue with is stainless steel spigot is plastic instead of steel as described. May be my misunderstanding of product.will contact and follow up with GTA about spigot and follow with outcome.👍
(6/30/2017) GTA water provides a level of service that far exceeded my expectations, especially from a product and service provider based in Canada. Rae sent me the instructions and parts needed to fix a leak in my water filter system. The response times were super-fast. Good products, great service. Can't go wrong.
I have ordered from GTA Water three times, no problems at all, prompt service, and very pleasant people. I am happy to support their business and will recommend them to others.
Karen R -
My Premier R.O. system was dead in the water after I disassembled and cleaned it for it's annual filter replacement.
I took a chance and contacted GTAWater - not from whom I bought the system - and Rae, the agent on the other end of my email was right there to try to help. Very fast responses and available to help with my questions.
I didn't need a service call after all but I won't hesitate to contact GTAWater again if I need help.
Their pricing is also fantastic!
Highly recommended.
phil demetro in Toronto -
We were completing a kitchen reno and decided that the time was right to install a RO (reverse osmosis system). A friend of mine has one installed and he can't stop saying how great it is drinking the RO water!
I checked prices locally and then on advice from my friend I contacted GTA Water.
The young lady at GTA Water was pleasant on the phone and put me in touch with a salesperson who after listening to my inquiries, he asked about how I planned to use the RO system (# of people in the house..etc) and then gave me a recommendation as to which system I should look at, and directed me to their website which was full of all the info I needed! When I checked their prices and saw they were offering the same unit I saw at the other store for 1/2 the price and I was sold!!! I ordered the unit and it was delivered within 3 days and It came pre-assembled and was very easy to set up.
I decided that I wanted to put it in the basement (just below the kitchen) instead of under the sink so as to save under sink space but the plastic lines were just a little short. I called GTA Water and told them about my predicament. Their reply was 'No problem. We can send you 20 feet of extra line today. Will that be enough?' . WOW ! That was amazing Customer Service! Extra line came 3 days later and I had the system installed and up and running! I've been using the RO water in my coffee maker and the coffee tastes remarkably better! We only drink RO water now and use it when making soups!
Overall I can't say enough about how nice it has been dealing with GTA Water. Ray, Victor and all the people I've spoken to have been very helpful and I recommend that you check them out if you are thinking of purchasing any type of water supply system! And be sure to tell them that the Cutlassguy recommended them to you because they have a great referral program! 2017/02/15
Cutlassguy -
I have bought a few products off GTA Water. They have good systems, great prices and excellent customer service. They ship quickly and have economically friendly rates. I am very happy with the reasonable filter replacement costs as well. I will definately continue doing business with this company and highly recommend them.
jeremy from oshawa -
We bought a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter system from GTA Water in 2009. We drink a lot of water and even cook with it. We have found this filtering system to be A-1 and continue to use it.
GTA Water systems, filters, and their customer service is friendly, helpful and prompt. You can pay online or over the phone. And they have PayPal. Also, service is excellent if you wish to have a service person come and change your filters for your system.
I highly recommend them! 2017/01/23
Wep in Toronto -
I have been a customer of GTA Water for 8 or 9 years now and have NEVER had any issues with product, payment, invoicing, etc that I see others have had and reported.
I have always been delt with professionaly, with a friendly manner and with knowledge of the product I'm calling about.
Cost wise, they are great and will help you out with deals and the like too. I just got my filters for 15% off for New Years sales.
I highly recommend them to all my friends and people I meet. 2017/01/04
The sales representative I spoke to on the phone is very knowledgeable and helped me decide on the right product to purchase.
The installer is very well-equipped, efficient and knowledgeable. The work is not a mess but he still cleaned up the area.
Tommy In -
Easy order website, and great customer service follow-up. The system automatically reminds me by email when I need to reorder the filters. My previous order was shipped and received quickly. 2016/12/28
Ken in Sherwood Park -
I have been ordering my replacement filters & mineral stones for our counter Water Filter for a few years from GTA and have been very happy with their service. The reminder to re-order by e-mail is a great help. I now also ordered the Filter for our Iron Filter, again the service was excellent. 2016/12/27
Private User -
I was looking for a reverse osmosis water filtration system and found GTA Water via Google search. They had a special promotion on the system I wanted and I called to place my order. My order was handled professionally and the installer arrived on time.
I was very nervous because my granite counter top required a hole to accommodate the new water spout dispenser. That mean they had to drill my granite counter top. They reassured me that they do this all the time and if they break or crack my counter top they would replace it free of charge. They assured me that their work was insured and guaranteed.
Much to my delight the installation went flawlessly and I am extremely with their service. Needless to say they have earned my trust for amy future water filtration products.
I recommend GTA Water highly.
tning -
I'm a writer / journalist by profession, I am an inveterate online shopper and I am a stickler when it comes to web sites. I could provide GTA Water with a list of suggestions for its online storefront, but I have no quibble with their service or with the quality of the goods. I had been doing business with a US company. In recent months, the depreciation of the Canadian dollar notwithstanding, the US company dropped the ball on customer service. (I believe GTA once carried their line). Good riddance. I flushed them and went looking for something I could use with my existing (under counter filter) tap installation. Enter GTA Water. I inquired, they replied. I placed my order and was very pleased to unbox a sturdy 2-stage unit (twice the size of the unit it replaces), with all fittings taped and ready to go. Installation took but a few minutes and flow pressure is conspicuously improved. Shop around, do a little research and you will find GTA comes through on price and on technology. 2016/11/07
yh in Toronto -
Our friend recommended us GTA water. I would also recommend it. It had a good selection of systems and the price is competitive. The installer arrived on time, was very helpful, and did a great job. Very satisfied with GTA Water.
Ira in Richmond Hill -
I did a lot of research on reverse osmosis under sink systems and called a number of companies. GTA water had a good system and the price was very competitive. I asked a bunch of questions and researched the actual product they use - VERTEX - and everything checked out to be accurate based on what they said. The installer arrived on time, was very helpful, and I had him add on an extra filter that adds minerals back into the water. Very satisfied with GTA Water and would recommend them.
I always try to shop local however, GTAwater has the best supply, price and service I have found. Great company to deal with.
JH -
We're impressed, new customers, incredible fast delivery of product & found your website to be very user friendly for ordering & very pleased that you utilize PayPal.
Thank you we'll be ordering again!
R & E
I rarely provide feedback but in this case I felt it a must.
We were so impressed with the service and cost of our order, it was superior.
We placed our order at 10:30am on Wednesday, the package was in our mailbox the next day by 1:00. We were continually kept informed about the status of our order and you cannot beat the cost.
I would definitely recommend this company to family and friends. Thank you for providing a positive experience…other company’s should spend some time with you to learn how customers should be treated.
SD -
I have been ordering my fridge filters from GE for a couple of years now. Service is great, fast and reasonable pricing. I highly recommend GTA Water.
I purchased one of your shower heads a number of years ago at a Los Angeles County Fair booth display. It was great and when I wanted to replace it, I found you on line and ordered the new ET- Thunderhead Shower Head. It is the best shower head I have ever owned, easy to install and clean. Keep up the great work with your products. Glad I found you and glad to let others know what great products you have.
Your service is amazing. Great price and fast delivery. We will definitely be ordering from you in the future and telling all our friends. Thanks again for awesome service.
RW -
I am taking the time to provide feedback as it is well deserved. I received my Water Filters for the price stated and within a couple of days. It was fast and the price was very good. I absolutely plan to use GTA Water again.
P -
I have had my reverse osmoses, water system for 2yrs, I love it , I also have a ionized water system, i can taste Chlorine when I use it , so If and if it does not filter the chlorine then it does not filter other chemicals , I only use my RO, I love the fresh taste, and I know that I am defiantly not drinking chemicals , I recommend this system and the price is right too
c -
product shipping. good prices
Iam on a well water system in the country . Iam a sucker for trying new products but this SMALL WONDER is working for me. My wife noticed that the hot water tank was recovering a lot faster and hotter . I have bypast my water softener and iron remover . The Pas, Mb. Canada
H - General Contractor
Ordered water filters for my fridge, the service I received was great and my order was perfect. Will definetely use them again.
Metro Pure 2 water filter works !!!
I bought this unit (two stage filter) two weeks ago.
I saw it on the website and seen the price and could not resist. and it paid off,I am diabetic so I check my urine PH regularly. when I drink TAP water the PH is steady at 3.5-4.0. quite acid ( high uric acid). now two weeks later with the filtered water......Big change!! the PH wnet from 4.0 to 7.2.!! ( 7.0 is neutral.)

I have a stainless steel 750ml bottle, and I drink two of those daily. and the end result is.......Now I dont have heartburn at all anymore. I used to have trouble falling asleep because of the pain from acid reflux.

I strongly recommend this filter to everyone before the price goes back up. the water has a very pleasant sweet
taste as the filter ionizes and removes 36 different toxic chemicals.

if you buy an aluminum water bottle and fill it every day.
the water will be very healthy and you wont be paying
hundreds of $$$$'s a year for poisonous BOTTLED water.

very easy to catch e.coli or something else.
Just to say how satsfying it is to do business with you. Your prices are right, delivery is as promised. Wish all suppliers were as service oriented as you are.
Good value. Better price than in store. Do not hesitate to purchase from GTA
M -
Minutes after installing the Metropure2 filter and tasting the water, the difference hit me. The water was so light and smooth, no smell of fluoride and other possible compounds in it. You guys are the best at making great water filters. I'm really happy with the filter I have purchased and also the quick delivery time.

Best regards,

J.C -
I am very pleased with your portable water bottle. For the longest time, I would drink only water found in juice, coffee, tea, etc., and I would not drink from any source fearing that it was not good for me. My doctor warned me that my liver and kidneys were 'overloaded' and that it was better to drink water no matter how I felt about it.!
With your portable water filter, I haven't stopped drinking! The water is fresh and it tastes great!
Thank you!
J -
(1/16/2010) Wow, what great service. Bought the Aquasauna water filter and it's great. Also bought an extra filter at the time and also remembered to change it! However, I REALLY appreciate the fact you sent an e-mail to remind me. I'll be order more filters shortly. Thank you for the excellent service. I tell everyone about your store. Thanks again!!
Once I began researching eugenics,and finding allegations linking fluoride to Nazi concentration camps,and studies linking Chlorine to cancer,I decided it best to err on the side of caution and immediately do the things within my power to be sure my family was safe.

GTA Water's AQ-4100 Shower Filter and Reverse Osmosis System played an important role in removing all of these harmful chemicals from our water supply.,and we noticed the results immediately.

I will continue to recommend to all.

Thanks GTA Water.
- Ultraist Studios
The sales people are very helpful and profession. They give me the confident to buy from GTAwater.
M. -

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