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  Dirty shower? Clean it!


I had no idea I was bathing in microscopic toxic waste & life-threatening micro-organisms, insecticides, highly corrosive & cancer casuing elements like chlorine & chloramine. I use this vita fresh shower filter with another one, making certain my water is clean! This product is easy to install & does it's job well!! Had water tested prior to & aft installation.. remarkable something so simple can do so much for shower water! Feeling healthier.. no more contaminants & deadly chemicals!


  I highly recommend this shower filter
I highly recommend this vita fresh shower filter. I have used them on our showers for years.


  Don't spend another dime on Vitamin C facial serum
My skin post shower is the way it feels when I stay at a five hotel and hair is noticeably softer and less frizzy. Ditch the expensive vitamin c serums and invest in one of these bad boys. If i owned my home I would get one for the entire water supply. However since my shower is not connected to the tub, my daughter will have to settle for vitamin c tablets dissolved in her bath water. I am never washing my face in the sink ever again.
Not bad

I've been using shower filters for chlorine for some years, all the way back to when carbon was the primary choice, and I like this vita fresh shower filter the best. I don't know if it actually outperforms KDF media(which I've used) or another one, but I can tell it reduces chlorine/chlorimines substantially and adequately for me, plus it is the most convenient, headache free shower filter I've owned.

It is made of fairly thick, high quality plastic,particularly the clear portion. I do wish the chrome part was actual metal rather than chrome colored plastic but I've owned it for several years and have had zero problems. To replace the filter only the clear tube needs to be removed; the in-line chrome portion doesn't have to be taken off the shower.



Simply incredible. I had no idea how much my skin and hair were being affected by chlorine/chloramine. After 3 days of use I felt my hair being softer than normal(usually dry and crunchy) and also my skin felt 'natural', not dried out and needing extra lotion or itchy. Bravo. I'm naturally skeptical and had 'old fashioned' parents who would say things like this is hooplah. So I had no expectations. But wow. I have told may people already and will tell more. activated carbon is good for a shower filter but the Vitamin c filters leave me feeling much better.

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