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Reverse Osmosis Systems

30 days

Canada's Largest Water Filter Store We are one of the largest water filter store in Canada.  With 11 years of history, we offer you the best value and quality products.  We are local in Canada and offer you excellent warranty and service, why buy anywhere else. 


 GOLD Seal Certified    
Why So Important ?
 NSF Certified               
 Made in USA              


 No Gold Seal Certification
 No NSF Certification



Made In USA
 Watts - GTS Series 550
 5 Stages


Gold Seal Certified
Made In USA

2900+ Happy Customers

 GTA - RO Platinum

 5 Stages

NSF Certified
Made In USA
 Watts - RO W525
 5 Stages
NSF Certified
Made In USA
 Watts - RO Kwik-Change
 4 Stages


Made In USA
 RO - Counter Top
 4 Stages - Tankless

PurePro System 5 - Stage  PurePro5
 5 Stages

 PurePro6 + Mineral
 6 Stages

PurePro System 5 - Stage Plus Bonus
6 x sediments
12 x carbons
Last 3 years
 PurePro5 Combo
 5 Stages

Plus Bonus
6 x sediments
12 x carbons
Last 3 years
 PurePro6 + Mineral Combo
 6 Stages



Coffee Shops

Hydrologic Evolution Reverse Osmosis System 1000 GPD
Residential and Commercial

Evolution Tankless Reverse Osmosis 
1000 Gallons Per Day



Special Promotion

Top Reverse Osmosis System on the Market



Gold Seal Certified

2900+ Happy Customers

Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8

About Manufacturer:
Gold Seal Certification: WQA
Certified and approved for sale by the state of California.

Model # PT-4/5 Upgrade Version Specially For Canadian Customers.

GTAwater Corp. is the sole distributor of this system in Canada. 


Local Store: $990
Now $229.... Hurry! Limited Time Only.
"No imitation....this is the original system

Free T-Connector For Fridge Worth $6.99
Free Feed Water Valve Worth $9.99
Unit Full Assembled, DIY Installation Kit Included

Filter Replacement
Contaminant Removal List
Installation Instruction
Warranty 2 Years
30 Days Satisfaction Guaranteed
Gold Seal Certification

Faucet Options

Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8

Option to add
minerals and enhance pH

See Info


Option to add
UV Light For Well/Lake Water
See Info

Option to add
pump if you know you have low pressure
See Info



Top Reverse Osmosis Technology

This system uses the Reverse Osmosis process where water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, leaving unwanted pollutants and contaminants behind. A Reverse Osmosis unit will provide you with clear, clean, fresh drinking water. The process uses no chemicals or electricity. It's the most effective technology known for the improvement of drinking water.

System Without "GOLD SEAL" certified to "NSF/ANSI Standard 58" is Only Second Best


GOLD SEAL Label "Must" be On System

The Gold Seal means the system has been tested and certified by the WQA (Water Quality Association) for performance, reliability.  WQA is a not-for-profit organization.

Gold Seal Product Certification Program - Why is it important?
To help consumers choose quality water treatment products,
WQA developed its Gold Seal Certification Program — issuing the first Gold Seal in 1959.

WQA only awards the Gold Seal to those systems, components, and additives that meet or exceed industry standards for contaminant reduction, structural integrity, and material safety. Customers can easily identify WQA Certified products by looking for the Gold Seal Mark.

Gold Seal certified by the WQA  for performance and contaminant reduction to NSF/ANSI Standard 58.

What is NSF
NSF is a public health and safety company. You can visit for more information.

NSF/ANSI Standard 58: Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems
This standard was developed for point-of-use (POU) reverse osmosis (RO) treatment systems.  Standard 58 includes contaminant reduction claims commonly treated using RO, including fluoride, hexavalent and trivalent chromium, total dissolved solids, nitrates, etc. that may be present in public or private drinking water

Don't Risk Your Family's Drinking Water

You do not want to compromise your drinking water.
There are many systems on the market. How do you know that the material used is safe for drinking water? How do you know whether the system is reliable? How do you know whether the filtering mechanism works as it claims? These are critical questions when dealing with your family’s drinking water. You can rest assured when your system is labelled with the GOLD SEAL certification. It is very difficult for water purification systems to be certified because the process is very expensive and the systems need to pass many strict tests by third party companies.

Buyers Beware of "to" vs. "by"
1) Many companies label their systems as "Tested and Certified to NSF/ANSI 58".  The "to" means that any outside company or individual can test products to NSF/ANSI standards.
2) This is VERY different from "Tested and Certified
by WQA to NSF/ANSI 58".  The "by" means that the test is performed by WQA organization.  Therefore, it offers you the highest and best protection. Probably, fewer than 1% of the drinking water systems in the world are "whole system" certified by WQA. When it comes to your family's drinking water, don't take any chances.

This Whole System is Tested and Certified "BY" WQA

Buyers Beware of "Components" vs. "Whole System" certified. 
Learn the difference between these
a) Components tested and certified.  This means that the system is build using all or partial certified components.  However, there is no certification on the "whole" system and no guarantee that the system work as a whole. 
b) "Whole System" tested and certified.  Whole system tested and certified is highest certification that you can get.  This is the best guarantee and protection that you can get to ensure that you are high quality reverse osmosis system.  Only "whole system" that is certified, such as our GTA - RO Platinum, will have a GOLD SEAL sticker on the system.

Life is good.
Get a system with
"GOLD SEAL certified"


 Alkaline (pH) + Mineral Option:  Add Minerals Back Into Water and Increase pH                                      

Most people who are looking for the best and healthiest drinking water will add natural minerals back to their reverse osmosis water.  All reverse osmosis system, regardless of brand or type, will produce water of approximately 6-6.5 pH which is a little acidic.  Our AlkalinePlus can enhance the pH of your RO water close to neutral - approximately range of 7 - 8 pH, depending on water source.  This makes the water a perfect Natural Alkali Calcium Ionized Water, providing you one of the best complement to reverse osmosis water.

Produces perfectly ph-balanced alkaline water, helps minimize the fluctuations of your body's pH level.

Turn acidic drinking water into alkali calcium ion water.

The filter contains natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ions which can be absorbed 100% by the body. 

Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8
100% Natural Alkaline Water
Balance pH up to:  7 - 8
Capacity: 3000 Liters

ORDER NOW - Click Here

Contaminant Removal List
Below is a list of contaminants that a reverse osmosis can remove.  Since NSF and WQA do not provide any certified detail list, therefore, there is no guarantee that this list applies to any particular reverse osmosis brands or units.  If you are concern about certain specific contaminants in your water, you should always have your water tested after the reverse osmosis.
Chlorine 99.9%
Giardia cysts 99%
Criptosporidium cysts 99%
E.coli bacteria >99.9%
Fecal bacteria >99.9%
Vibrio choleriae >99.9%
Shigella disinteriae >99.9%
DDT >99.9%
Lindane >99.9%
PCB >99.9%
Salmonella typhi >99.9%
Toluane >99.9%
Serratia marcescenes >99.9%
Sodium Fluoride  99%
Calcium Cloride 99%

Magnesium Cloride  


Nickel Sulfate NiSO4  




Sodium Nitrate NaNO3 






Potassium 92-99%
Zinc 95-99%









Iron  95-99%
Silver   95-99%









Sodium Chloride NaCl  99%

Copper Sulfate CuSO4


Chlorinated Pesticides




Bicarbonate   99%

Nitrate 3




Silicate  95-99%





Sucrose 99%

Lactic Acid pH5


Silica SiO2




Sulfate 95-99%

Ferro cyanide


Arsenic +3


Arsenic +5 95-99%





And many other contaminants


Reverse Osmosis System VS. Whole House Filter

A Whole House Systems
will likely remove less than 20% of contaminants in tap water.
Reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants.
They are different technologies for two different usages. One of the biggest misunderstandings in the market today is consumer thinking that a whole house filter system is designed for drinking water. It is not!

Fluoride & Uranium Removal
Removes fluoride and uranium from your water. Fluoride has been found to be very dangerous to the human body.  Uranium is a very difficult contaminants to filter out, consumers shall monitor and test their water supply shall they have uranium problem.

500 Contaminants in Tap Water
A Shocking Discovery

Drinking tap water is like pouring chemicals and other contaminants into our body. It is like smoking which will not kill us immediately, but we know it is very detrimental to our health and irreversible.  Children are more vulnerable then adults since they are growing and have a smaller body mass. What are you doing to protect your family’s drinking water?

 Don't Risk Your Family's Drinking Water

The Environment Protection Agency compose a list of contaminants in drinking water that are health hazardous.  When it comes to water pollution, the tap water in Canada is not that much better than that in the US.   

Drinking Water Contaminants List: Shocking!

It is no longer the question of what is in our tap water, it is now a question of what can we do to protect our family's drinking water.

Health is Wealth, Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Our health is our wealth. The human body composes of 70% water, and needs 7 glasses of water everyday to prevent dehydration. Tap water taste very bad and there are all kinds of waste and contaminants in the water.  To drink tap water is to pour chemicals into our body

Most people do not drink 7 glasses of water per day and get dehydrated without knowing because they avoid drinking contaminated tap water and high sugar content soft drink. Children are easier to get dehydrated because parents tell them not to drinking dirty tap water.  Your family will live a more healthier lifestyle because our Reverse Osmosis water is so tasty, you will drink more water.

Life is good
get a reverse osmosis system with
"GOLD SEAL certified"

Your Family Deserves The Best

Filter Change Cost
No moving parts, and easy change of filters with free filter key.  They system can last you for the next ten years.

Reverse Osmosis:  5-Stages of Filtration +
4-Gallon Water Tank-- large capacity for up to 6 adults.

Filter Replacement Schedule
1. GTA-TGI-Sediment every 6-12 months = $4.99
2. GTA-TGI-Carbon Block every 6-12 months = $29.99
                    Carbon Block is most popular, but can switch to a GAC at same price if you needed
3. GTA-TGI-Carbon Block every 6-12 months = $29.99
4. GTA-TGI-TFC Membrane every 24-36 months = $75
5. GTA-TGI-Polishing filter every 18-24 months = $29.99
Note: Components are universal sizes - components and filters are available everywhere. But we recommend that you get the filters from us because they work better.

Changing Filter - Wrench vs. Quick Twist Off Model
If you are a handy person, then changing filter with the wrench would be very easy.  Just shut the water and slide in the wrench to twist off.

However, if you are not so handy or do not want to use too much force, then you may wish to consider the "Quick Twist Model".  Just shut of water, and easy twist off by hand easier than changing a light bulb.

GTA-RO Platinum
5 - Stage Unit

GTA - RO Quick Twist Model
$69 Extra - Selectable Option in Shopping Cart.
4 - Stage Unit


Well Water or Lake Water (optional)

It is recommended that a UV Light be added to any drinking water purification system that draws from a well or a lake.  Well and lake water is considered uncontrolled water source.  Bacteria and viruses can suddenly grow because of nearby contamination from animals remains or waste.  Protect your family's drinking water with a UV light.

This option is available for selection in the shopping cart.  Just change light for $99/year and clean the glass tube every year. The light bulb and parts are popular size and sold in most places.

UV Light For Reverse Osmosis System.
This module is for reverse osmosis system and it is to be placed before the faucet for best result.

Installation as Easy as 123

Complete do-it-yourself kits including water faucet, tubing, needle valve clamp to hook up to your existing water pipe, filters, filter replacement key. Instruction manual. No plumbing needed, we provide a free feed water valve where you can just clamp onto your water pipe.  You then twist the needle in and reverse it to feed water into your system.  You can install your unit under the kitchen sink or in basement.   Installation Diagram

Free Feed Water Valve

Compact Size
Designed to fit under any single or double sink and can put in the basement. Water tank is about  size of a basket ball, and the main unit can be hung on its side and out of the way while the tank can be pushed to the other corner.  
                                                     Tank Size: 13" x 11" x 11"
                                                     Main Unit:  14.5" x 17" x 5.5"

Installation services are available to customers within the Greater Toronto Area.

Pure Water At Your Convenience.

  The beauty is the convenience of having pure water right in your kitchen when ever you need it.  That is about 7 times a day per person.  And if you are the cook at home, it is about 20 times a day.  Now no bottles to left, never run out of pure water.  Just the convenience and the time you saved is worth its weight in gold.

Coffee, Tea and Cocktail Drinks
Coffee and tea lovers, this is your dream.  You can now make the best cup of coffee, tea and cocktail drink.  Our premium water system gives you absolutely the best water for putting together you favourite drink.  It enhances the natural flavours of the coffee or the tea.  We guarantee you will love our system, otherwise just send it back to us.  We ask no questions!

Value and Quality Comparison
You are absolutely getting one of the best reverse osmosis system in the market.  As a matter of facts, there is probably less than 2% in the market that carries both the Gold Seal and NSF "system certified" and these system sells for between $1000 to $2500 in retail store.

RO Platinum
Home Depot/
Canadian Tire
You Local
Water Store
Other Internet
Gold Seal Certified
To NSF Standard
Yes Most likely not Check your local store 95% not certified
All Quality Filters Made In USA (quality control) Yes Not Sure Various 90% No
35 Gallons
Per Day
15-25 Gallons
Per Day
35 Gallons
Per Day
80% is 35 Gallons
Per day
Number of Stages 5 Stages 3 or 4 stages 70% 5 Stages 90% 5 Stages
Water Fill Rate 3/8" tube for faster fill rate 1/4" tube slower fill rate 1/4" to 3/8" 95% uses 1/4" tube, slower fill rate
Factory Package Yes Yes Yes 65% No
Price $229 CAD $465 $899-$1500 Various

Local Store: $990
Now $229.... for a Limited Time Only.
"No imitation....this is the original system"


Good-bye to Costly Bottled Water
Say good-bye to your bottled water for two reasons. 
1) A jug of bottled water is about 20 lbs, therefore don't break your back lifting it. 
2) Delivered bottled water is about $7.99 per jug, that is expensive. A family of four needs minimum 3 jugs per week for all cooking and drinking and that is $1294/year.  But our reverse osmosis system will only cost $0.25 / day to operate and your family gets all the pure drinking water you need. 


Our system costs you about 25 Cents/day...
            ...less than the cost for a cup of coffee...

$0.25 / Day  



GTAwater is your #1 Canada Water Store

1. Faster Shipping avoid out of province and US cross boarder delay
2. Shipped within Canada avoid the $30 US import broker fee 
3.  Paid Canadian Prices avoid the 2% credit card fee for US exchange
4. Support your Local Economy
5.  Satisfaction is Guaranteed... 30 days.



  30 Days Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
Don't risk your family's drinking water.
     Your family deserves the Best


    Free Feed Water Valve Worth $9.99
Free T- connector To Fridge Worth $9.99
Unit Fully Assembled
Installation Kit Included With Water Tubing
                       2 Years Warranty
3/8" Fastest Water Flow - Free Upgrade

GTA-RO Platinum

                                   GTA - RO Quick  Twist Option


Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8

Local Store: $990
Now $229....
Hurry! Limited Time Only.

2900+ Happy Customers

       Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8 
          (optional upgrade)
Selectable in Shopping Cart
  After You Click Buy Below
Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8
pre-filter set

  It is so easy, my Grandma can do It !

Local Store: $990
Now $268....


Alkaline Filter Enhance pH - Inline 3/8 3/8 
          (optional upgrade)
Selectable in Shopping Cart
  After You Click Buy Below

   Select Your Faucet Option Below        
  Standard Faucet

  Tri-handle Designer
  Faucet Upgrade Available
  Faucet Upgrade Available
  905-Nickel Brush
  Faucet Upgrade Available
  Faucet Upgrade Available
Faucet - 888 Series - Nickel Brush   888-Nickel Brush
  Faucet Upgrade Available
   Select Your Faucet Option Below        
  Standard Faucet

  Tri-handle Designer
  Faucet Upgrade Available



  Faucet Upgrade Available


  905-Nickel Brush
  Faucet Upgrade Available

  Faucet Upgrade Available

Faucet - 888 Series - Nickel Brush   888-Nickel Brush
  Faucet Upgrade Available




Questions and Contact
 If you have questions, please call
416-618-3532 (GTA) 1-888-322-3589


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