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 Filter Change Cost 

No moving parts, and easy change of filters with free filter key.  They system can last you for the next ten years.

 Replacement Schedule
1. Stage 1:  Sediment every 6-12 months = $4.99
2. Stage 2:  Carbon Block every 6-12 months = $29.99
3. Stage 3:  Carbon Block/GAC every 6-12 months = $29.99
4. Stage 4:  Membrane every 24-36 months = $75
5. Stage 5:  Polishing filter every 18-24 months = $29.99

Note: Components are universal sizes - components and filters are available everywhere. But we recommend that you get the filters from us because they work better.

 Changing Filter With Wrench

Using Wrench

Just shut the water and slide in the wrench to twist off.

Hand Twist Quick Change Technology
You have the option to upgrade your system to a quick twist model. 
Just shut of water, and twist filter off by hands.


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