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Evolution Tankless RO - 1000 GPD
Price$1100.00 CAD
Evolution Tankless RO - 1000 GPD
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Evolution Tankless RO - 1000 GPD
$1100.00 CAD
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GE Brand Membrane Replaces Evolution Brand For Better Prices

Evolution Tankless Reverse Osmosis System:

The Evolution Reverse Osmosis System is a new patented RO technology that fits nicely under the kitchen sink. It is also suited for light commercial applications.

Manual For Evolution RO 1000

The Evolution RO System is built in the USA.

The Evolution Reverse Osmosis System is a tankless RO system featuring on-demand, continuous-flow water production. There is no storage tank to fill. The reverse osmosis unit does not run until RO water is needed.

The Evolution Tankless RO unit operates on line pressure (60 psi required). We strongly recommend adding a booster pump with all Evolution purchases if you don't have 60psi, because the Evolution operates best at 60 psi.

Booster pump

This Evolution reverse osmosis unit will provide clean, refreshing, and good tasting water for all drinking, cooking & ice needs.

The Evolution patented high-production, low-energy membrane purifies between 700 and 1500 gallons of water per day depending on your water conditions. That is more than 50 times the output of typical home reverse osmosis products. The Evolution provides commercial water production at the price of a residential system. This high capacity performance creates new opportunities for light duty commercial applications.

Applications for the Evolution System: Home Use / Light Commercial, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Juice bars, Ice Makers, Dentist Office, Aquariums, Grocery Misters

The Evolution high recovery system has consistent TDS rejection and membrane efficiency.

The Evolution RO System is engineered for the fewest number of connection points - less chance of leaks.

The Evolution system works like a small commercial RO system. It uses two reverse osmosis membrane elements in series to produce the high flow of permeate. The concentrate from reverse osmosis element one is channeled into the inlet at the second RO element.

The Evolution stops the flow of water coming in when the system is not in use. An internal shut-off valve will close when the pressure in the permeate line reaches approximately 44% of the system inlet pressure. This function saves water by turning the unit off when permeate water is not being used. The inlet valve will open, and the Evolution will start making permeate water when pressure in the permeate line drops to approximately 11% of the system inlet pressure.

Evolution Tankless Reverse Osmosis System Specs:

Materials of Construction: High durability polypropylene construction provide years of dependable service

Average Permeate Flow Rate: 0.69 Gallons Per Minute
Average Gallons Per Day: 1000 GPD or 42 gallons per hour
Uses Line Pressure (>60 psi). Pump recommended with all Evolution purchases because the Evolution operates best at 60 psi.
Average TDS Rejection: 95%
RO System Height: 9.55 inches
RO System Length: 20.03 inches
RO System Depth: 10.56 inches
RO Membrane Height x Depth (The Evolution uses 2 Membranes): 18.75 inches x 3.16 inches

Waste to Purified Water Ratio: 2:1


High-Flow Reverse Osmosis Unit
(1) KDF/Catalytic carbon pre-filter
(2) High-Flow Reverse Osmosis membranes
Inlet pressure gauge - liquid filled
Garden hose connector - 1/2"
Inline shut-off valve - 3/8"
6 ft. -white inlet line
10 ft. - blue purified water line
10 ft. - black drain line
Detailed instructions and Quick Start guide
Faucet not included. Sold separately if required.

Evolution Tankless Reverse Osmosis System Instructions:
Evolution Reverse Osmosis System Installation Instructions
Evolution Reverse Osmosis System Brochure

Installation Location: The reverse osmosis system can be installed under or near a sink or any other water supply. The RO assembly can be placed on the sink cabinet floor in any other location that does not apply pressure on the disconnect elbows or tubing. A nearby suitable drain point is also required for the drain (waste) water.

RO Manifold Assembly: The RO system can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Installation in the basement is also an option. One possible location is near the laundry/ utility sink where cold potable water and drain access are close. The location chosen should allow adequate clearance and accessibility for membrane element changes.

Water Supply: To provide supply water to the RO system inlet, a garden hose connection fitting is included with the system. Other types of feed supply fittings are available to allow hookup to a variety of feed sources. The feed water valve should be located as close to the manifold assembly as possible. USE A POTABLE COLD WATER SUPPLY ONLY. Softened water is preferred as it will extend the life of the RO membrane elements. Other forms of pre-filtration may be necessary depending on quality of incoming water.
Weight (lbs)20 (g)

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 Product NamePrice($)
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 Evolution Tankless RO - 1000 GPD1100.00
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