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Is Tap Water Poisoning Us?


500 Contaminants in Your Tap Water? 

It is shocking to compare drinking tap water to smoking, but it is similar in many ways.  Tobacco smoke contains over 500 different chemicals, many of them being carcinogens that cause cancers and other health problems.  Similarly, tap water may contain over 500 different chemicals and contaminants.    With out a water filter, drinking tap water is like pouring small quantities of chemicals into your body every single day!  There has been much research and many tests done on tap water and hazardous contaminants are found consistently – contaminants that are bad for your family’s health.  We have the luxury of choice to smoke or not to smoke, but we have no such choice when it comes to drinking water – our bodies require plenty of it every day!  However, we do have the choice to use a water filter to filter the water before using.  In a 1997 survey, only one third of consumers used a water filter treatment device.  But that is not enough, everyone should filter their water prior to drinking, cooking and bathing. 

Tap Water Contaminants List  

Government Outlines Potential Health Effects From Tap Water
Government department recently described more than 80 contaminants in tap water that, when consumed, can cause a host of problems including: diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, legionnaire's disease, pneumonia, headaches, nausea, an increased risk of cancer, liver, kidney, central nervous system problems, eye/nose irritation, stomach discomfort, increased blood cholesterol, decreased blood sugar, skin damage, problems with the circulatory system, increased chance of developing benign intestinal polyps, intestinal lesions, allergic dermatitis, gastrointestinal distress.  Further, these toxins can afflict people with Wilson's disease, nerve damage, thyroid problems, and bone diseases. Worse still, your children could suffer from delays in physical and mental development, attention-span deficits and learning abilities.  Infants below the age of six-months could become seriously ill, experience shortness of breath, blue baby syndrome, hair or finger nail loss, numbness in the fingers or toes, intestinal and liver problems, nervous system problems, spleen problems, anemia, cardiovascular or reproductive problems, adrenal gland problems, weight loss, cataracts, skin changes, thymus, gland problems, immune deficiencies, and ill-functioning adrenal glands.  This is more than enough to cause great concern!!  Therefore, it is not a question of whether tap water is dangerous or not, the question is what action you are going to take to make sure your family's drinking water is safe.  A high quality water filter will can protect your drinking water.  See more here:
We are poisoning ourselves with tap water.
Government's list of potential contaminants  in drinking water that are health risks.



Tap water contains hundreds of different types of contaminants.  Reverse osmosis technology one type of water filter and it is the most effective and economical method for removing contaminants.  This water filter will give you clean and safe drinking water. 

Click here to see more information on this type of water filter


Drugs in our drinking water


Lead Poisoning, Lead Pipes 

Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable
to lead poisoning. Since children’s brains are still developing, lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, lowered IQ, attention-deficit disorders, anti-social behaviour, damage to the central nervous system and developmental problems.  This is a frightening issue of great concern for parents, the good news is that a good quality water filter can remove the lead.  

How Big Is The Problem?
Lead poisoning from drinking water is such a major concern right here in Ontario that it has prompted every major city to require schools and day-care centres to test for lead annually.  Many day-care centres use water filter.  There are many reports from both government departments and public health organizations which advise pregnant women and young children not to drink unfiltered water.  There is no safe level for lead - any amount of lead is poisonous.  In Canada and the USA, all buildings that were built before 1990, even those that have copper piping, contain water piping that is joined with lead-based solder.  Therefore, anyone drinking tap water or cooking with tap water is at risk of lead poisoning. 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released statistics showing that nearly 1 million children aged one through five continue to have elevated blood lead levels.  If you currently do not have a water filter, the very minimum that you should do is to flush your tap for a few minutes before anyone consumes it.  You should never make baby formula with unfiltered tap water.

Canada's CBC news sampled water from homes across the country and found 15 out of 50 homes – nearly one-third - had lead levels above the national guideline.  Whereas, the other 35 homes with level less than national guideline is also not safe to drinking because any amount of lead is poisonous.  One even had levels at 250 times the allowable limit. Look at the results on the right side of this page.  If you live in the city, then you are at risk.  If you live in a home built prior to 1970, then you are probably consuming water containing high lead levels because your home likely contains lead-soldered pipes. 

Lead Soldered Pipes
Typical in Homes
"Most of the problems came from homes built before 1970. Of the 25 homes we tested that were built before 1970, eleven had high lead levels."  Full CBC Report

Montreal city officials sent out alerts to 75,000 houses advising them their drinking water might contain slightly more lead than called for by provincial standards.   Reported By Gazette newspaper.

Every parent wants their children to grow up healthy and intelligent by providing the best we can for them.  However, it is very unfortunate that the government does not do more to educate the population about the dangers of lead poisoning from tap water.  The public needs to be better informed.  

Lead poisoning from drinking water is a serious matter.

NEVER drink or cook from your hot water tap, and especially not for making baby formula.  Hot water dissolves more lead more quickly than cold water.

More info on lead: 
Symptoms and effects of of lead poisoning

FREE Lead Test Provided by City of Toronto City:  416-392-2894

Note:  The cost of replacing your water pipes in your house can cost about $4000, the simplest solution for people is to use a good water filter.    Scroll down for recommended water systems certified to reduce lead.



The greatest tragedy of lead contamination from drinking water is that it is completely preventable. By taking a few simple steps, beginning with Point-Of-Use water filtration, we can virtually eliminate the crippling effects of lead on our society, and most importantly on our children. 


CBCnews reports on high level of leads in tap water across the country
Toronto, ON
Age of Home
First Draw Level
Flushed Level
Pre 1970
Pre 1970

Hamilton, ON
Age of Home
First Draw Level
Flushed Level
Pre 1970
Pre 1970
Post 1970

Vancouver, BC
Age of Home
First Draw Level
Flushed Level
Pre 1970
Pre 1970
Pre 1970

Winnipeg, MN
Age of Home
First Draw Level
Flushed Level
Pre 1970
Pre 1970

Saint John, NB
Age of Home
First Draw Level
Flushed Level
Pre 1970
Pre 1970
Post 1970
Post 1970
Post 1970
Post 1970


Barbara McElgunn of the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada says that reduced IQ is just one result of lead exposure. She maintains there is no safe level for lead.



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Tap Water Causes Cancer
Chlorine is added to drinking water to kill micro-organisms and prevent the spread of water-born diseases.  The only difference between humans and micro-organisms is that we are larger in mass and it takes a much higher concentration of chlorine to kill us.  Chlorine is acidic, and is a very corrosive chemical.  When you walk out of the swimming pool, your skin is very dry and itchy, and your hair feels brittle and rigid.  If this is what it does to your body on the outside, you can imagine what it can do inside your body when you ingest it with tap water!  The smell of chlorine and the dangers of water chlorination are leaving people with no choice but to filter their water before use.  The Canadian government, US government, and many third party research groups have found a link between Chlorine and cancer

“A new statistical analysis indicates that people who drink chlorinated water run a 21 percent greater risk of bladder cancer and a 38 percent greater risk of rectal cancer than people who drink water with little or no chlorine.” “I am quite convinced, based on this study, that there is an association between cancer and chlorinated water.” SCIENCE NEWS- 11 July 1992

“Studies indicate the suspect chemicals can also be inhaled and absorbed through the skin during showering and bathing.  Ironically, even the chlorine widely used to disinfect water produces carcinogenic traces.  Though 7 out of 10 Americans drink chlorinated water, its safety over the long term is uncertain.  Drinking chlorinated water may as much as double the risk of the Bladder Cancer, which strikes 40,000 people a year.” U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT July 29 1991

Chloroform and several other CBPs (chlorination disinfection by-products) are known to cause cancer in experimental animals, and there is growing epidemiologic evidence of a causal role for CBPs in human cancer, particularly for bladder cancer. It has been estimated that 14-16% of bladder cancers in Ontario may be attributable to drinking water containing relatively high levels of CBPs;
Public Health Agency of Canada 


Chlorine and Chemical Gas During Showering
Taking a warm shower after a hard working day is relaxing and rewarding.  Sometimes, however, the smell of chlorine makes it less pleasant.  We can smell this chlorine because it actually turns into a gas as we shower.  It has been found that, in one shower, we breath in a quantity of chlorine gas approximately equivalent to drinking 3 glasses of chlorinated water.  This chlorine, in its gaseous state, goes directly into our blood stream making it more lethal.

Taking long hot showers is a health risk, according to research presented last week in Anaheim, California, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. Showers, and to a lesser extent baths, lead to greater exposure to toxic chemicals contained in water supplies than does drinking the water. The chemicals evaporate out of the water and are inhaled. They can also spread through the house and be inhaled by others. House holders can receive 6 to 100 times more of the chemical by breathing the air around showers and bath than they would by drinking the water.” NEW SCIENTIST 18 September 1986

“A long hot shower can be dangerous. The toxic chemicals are inhaled in high concentrations.” BOTTOM LINE- August 15 1987     

“Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.” U.S. COUNCIL OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY


Dry hair, Dry Skin, and Dandruff
Most people do not realize that typically there is more chlorine in tap water than in most swimming pools. We bath, shower and wash in chlorinated water everyday. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is used in bleaching and disinfection of your drinking water.  We are basically bleaching our bodies day in and day out.  Without a shower filter, the chlorine strips away the natural oil that protects your hair and skin leaving the hair dry, brittle, prone to dandruff and difficult to manage.  It also leaves the skin feeling dry and sometimes itchy.  It can cause or further aggravate rashes and other skin irritations.  Now, you can shower in natural water with a shower filter. 
Recommended Shower Filter


Why Does The Government Neglect Our Drinking Water?
The government and its politicians know that drinking tap water is hazardous to our health.  Some have advised us not to drink tap water.  It is fair to say that they are doing what they can, within the constraints of their financial budgets, to manage our water supply – but they can certainly do much more.  However, the city water supply infrastructure is huge and complex, and most of it – the pipes that carry water to your home - is buried beneath the city.  This makes it impossible for the city to replace all the old and broken pipes in a timely manner.  So, there will always be pipes that leach lead into our tap water, and that carry water that has been heavily chlorinated.  In addition, other contaminants can enter the system through water main breaks and leaks.  The only sure solution to safeguarding your water is to filter the water at the point-of-use; at the point it enters into your house, at your faucets and at your shower or bath tub. 
Our Bodies Runs on Water
Our bodies need 7 glasses of water daily to function properly since we are 72% water!  Our brains are 73% water; our livers are 95% water and our blood is 80% water.  We need to replenish our body with clean healthy water for two main reasons: to prevent dehydration and to help flush the toxins out of our systems.  Therefore, our health is 100% dependant on drinking contaminant free water!   

Use a Water Filter or Be a Water Filter
When we eat food or drink water, our bodies try to absorb everything they can.  This includes both the beneficial nutrients and the toxic contaminants.  Our bodies may be able to flush out some of these contaminants but, unfortunately, there are many chemicals and metals that can accumulate over time.  We need a water filter to filter out the contaminants before so that our body will not be the water filter.

Risk of Cooking With Tap Water
Why is it that, most of the time, when you ask someone, "Do you drink tap water?", they say "no".  Then, when you ask, "Do you cook with tap water?", they say, "yes".  This is the usual answer from people who buy bottled water.  One of the biggest misconceptions today is people thinking that tap water suddenly becomes safe when it is boiled or used for cooking.  Boiling water will kill bacteria and cause a few of the chemicals to evaporate, but many other chemicals, metals, and contaminants remain in the water.  For cost, it is less to get a water filter then to buy bottled water.   

What People Are Doing To Protect Their Drinking Water
A 1994 national survey.  showed that only 19.5% of households in Canada reported using a water filter or purifier for their drinking water, compared with 13.9% in 1991.  Also, 21.9% of households purchased bottled drinking water in the month before the survey, compared with 16.1% of households in 1991. Similarly, in a 1997 survey, one-third of US consumers used a home water treatment device other than bottled water, an increase from 27% in 1995.  These data are consistent with increasing public concern about the safety and quality of drinking water.  Today, we estimate that there are more than 85% of households in Canada using a filter.  Filtering your drinking water and bath water is mandatory for good health – it is no longer an option.  You can’t afford to risk your health!





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