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Premium Counter Top Water Filter

One of the most powerful counter top water system in the market. Most of the counter top systems in the market simply are inadequate to provide good quality drinking water for people living in big cities. It is a fact that city water contains thousands of contaminants. Our Spring1000 is specifically designed for city water and to give your family premium drinking water at fraction of the cost.


NSF Components
and Filter

Sediment yes Cryptosporidium yes
Taste & Odor yes Lindane & Atrazine yes
Lead yes
VOCs(+/-) MTBE
Flow Rate** 0.5 gpm Micro Rating* 0.5

Big Savings and Good-bye to Costly Bottled Water
For less than 9 Cent per day, you get unlimited fresh drinking water right in your home for cooking, drinking, coffee, ice, baby-formula, and making salad.

Average household spends $900 on bottled water and soft drinking, now it only cost you
less than 9 Cents / gallon

Super Affordable

Spring1000 Features
1) Filtration Size: The smaller the physical size of the filter, the more physical contaminants it can remove. For city water, you will need a 0.5 um size. The 10 um or 1 um is simply not good enough.

2) Lead Poisoning: In the city, lead is probably one of the worst contaminants in the water and one of the most over looked contaminants. Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to lead poisoning. Since children’s brains are still developing, lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, lowered IQ, attention-deficit disorders, anti-social behaviour, damage to the central nervous system and developmental problems. This is a frightening issue of great concern for parents. Also, never make formula milk with hot tap water, the lead concentration level is much higher than cold water.

3) Mercury removal: This pollution usually comes from refineries, factories, and runoff from landfills.

4) VOC: These are the Volatile Organic Chemicals and big cities water contains thousands of these chemicals.

5) NSF: Both the body and filter is tested and certified by NSF.

6) Water On Demand: Spring1000 offers a flow rate of 0.5 Gallons per minute, you can quickly get water for all your cooking and drinking needs on demand. You will never run out of water, or drink the water that was produced yesterday from your water pitcher filter.


Easy to move and you can take it on a trip.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Our body is make of 70% water and health expert recommends 7 glasses of water everyday. Many are dehydrated without themselves knowing. Why? The simple reasons is because tap water taste bad and sugar soft drink is unhealthy. Now you can have healthy drinking water right at your home. You will drink more because this water taste so good.

Don't Risk Your Family's Drinking Water
You do not want to compromise your drinking water.
There are many filters in the market. How do you know that the material used is safe for drinking water applications? How do you know if the filter works as it claims? These are most important questions when dealing with your family' s drinking water. You can feel assured and good when your are using a filter that is NSF certification. It is difficult for water filter to be certified because it is costly and it needs to pass many strict tests by third party company.

Filtered Water For Baby Formula
Always use filtered water for baby formula and never use hot water directly from the tap.

Are you a big coffee and tea lover? If you say yes, then you will Love it

Filter Replacement
Change the filter every 400 Gallons of water. We will remind you when it is time to change the filter.
0.5um size = 400 Gallons = excellent filtration = $45
1.0 um size = 1,000 Gallons = average filtration = $35
5-10 um size = 15,000 Gallons = not recommended = $29

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