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 Rating 10
Vitamin C works!
I am a big believer in using vitamin c to neutralise chlorine. i use powder in the bath and am a big fan of the vita fresh for the shower. I've done loads of research and its the best one i've found. I even wrote a review on my blog!

Reviewed By Sassyb

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 Rating 10
A definite skin and hair saviour!
The filter definitely works and significantly improves the condition of my skin and hair. My skin is no longer dry after showers, and feels much softer and smoother to the touch. Since I use natural shampoo and hair products, the softened water from using the filter works very well with them and my once dandruff-ridden hair barely has any now! The only thing that made me leave a star out of the rating is that it's made out of plastic and it's tricky to find the right shower arm that fits the threading of the filter, and with my current shower arm it doesn't fit perfectly and leaks due to different threading (I've already used a substantial amount of plumber's tape to no avail in trying to fix the leakage). That aside, I am still very happy and satisfied with what it does to my skin and hair, and it really is one of the best things I've purchased!

Reviewed By Sya

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 Rating 10
Excellent filter for home and travel
Excellent filter for home and travel. We tested our water before using the filter and detected chlorine. After using the filter there is no detectable chlorine in our water.

Reviewed By K Buyer

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 Rating 10
I thought it would be a great idea to purchase the
Received the Deluxe Sediment Shower Filter with 3 Pcs Water Filters UBS INC from UBS INC CO.,LTD. Since we live on an old farmhouse sourced with well water, I thought it would be a great idea to purchase the filter to purify the shower water. The filter itself is only about 12" long and a few inches wide so it doesn't take up a whole lot of space and while I thought it would look awkward sticking off of the shower head it actually doesn't! Hard to say if it was working while using it but it was really easy to install. It took hubby about 45 minutes to install after reading the enclosed manual. The filter comes with the shower filter a refill cartridge filter, the teflon tape and of course the manual. And it looks like the refill cartridge with original shower filter should be changed every 6 months.

Reviewed By Tom & Maria

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 Rating 10
The instructions were clear and easy to follow
I have very hard water due to being well water. I decided to give this Deluxe Sediments Shower Filter a try. It arrived in a timely fashion and packaged well. Since I am not handy, my boyfriend took on the job of installing it. I did assist in the process. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I actually think I could have done this on my own. My water in my home has a lot of lime. It takes its toll on your skin and hair. This filter will remove fine impurities such as lime, rust and bacteria. I was anxious to give it a try. My shower water actually felt cleaner. And my hair was the proof. After blow drying it , typically feels very course and not a lot of shine. Shampooing with the filter on made a big difference. My hair felt silky, not as heavy and was shiny. I was already sold on this product. I also noticed my shampoo and my soap lathered more as a result of this filter. It comes with three replacement filters. This is a small but powerful filter just as the brochure claims.

Reviewed By Cosmo's Mon

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 Rating 10
my skin seems softer
I love this shower filter. It does not affect the water pressure and my skin seems softer.

Reviewed By LP827

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 Rating 10
This is nothing short of awesome. Having moved to a city with Chloramine in the water supply, I started getting psoriasis (for the first time in my life) after just a few weeks. Fitting this on my shower stopped the psoriasis completely - and continues to after four months. I forgot about it and started getting itchy patches - looked and realised the cartridge needed changing again. New cartridge - itching gone. It also makes a BIG difference in the condition of hair. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Reviewed By John M

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 Rating 10
Wow. Don't know if it is from the removal of chloramine from the water or the addition of vitamin c and micro bubbles to the water, skin feels much softer and smoother and the itching on my forearms after a hot shower is gone!

Reviewed By RV

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 VitaFresh - Installlation Info
 VitaFresh Advanced Shower Filter Black + 2 Extra Refill   FREE SHIPPING ...... $66 USD85.00
 VitaFresh Advanced Shower Filter Chrome + 1 Extra Refill   FREE SHIPPING... $59 USD75.80
 VitaFresh Advanced Shower Filter Chrome + 2 Extra Refills   FREE SHIPPING81.00
 VitaFresh Classic Shower Filter Chrome + 2 Extra Refills41.99
 Vitamax Deluxe Dual Shower Filter75.00
 Vitamax Deluxe Dual Shower Filter - Refill29.00

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