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Ionways Warranty

Best Water Warranty & Returns/Refunds



Our Emco Tech ionizers have the lowest return rate in the industry. If something does go wrong with your electric ionizer, you can be confident with your Best Water Warranty and our top notch customer service.

The warranty on Best Water electric ionizers begins on the original purchase date.  If warranty details are not received by Best Water within 30 days, then the warranty is limited to 1 (one) year.

For all new water ionizers purchased after September 2009 (Please refer to your individual warranty card for purchases prior to September 2009), the Best Water warranty covers the original purchaser on all parts and 100% of labor costs in the first three (3) years. After the first three (3) years, the purchaser is responsible for all labor and parts costs to a maximum of $215.

Best Water will cover all shipping costs within Canada and USA  for 30 days.  After that, the purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs. Items that have not been assigned an RMA number (“return authorization”) will not be accepted. Warranty not valid unless warranty card is first received by Best Water.

We conduct all servicing here at Best Water — in our two locations in North America, and we’ll be here for years to come. The warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, altered, or subject to improper use. Warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas. Warranty also requires regular filter replacement (min. every 12 months).

This warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials and workmanship which occur during normal use. This warranty does not cover damage which occurs in return shipment, or damage due to mineral build up, failures which are caused by products not supplied by the warrantor, or failures which result from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, faulty installation, misapplication, improper insertion of consumables, set-up adjustments, maladjustment of consumer controls, improper operation or maintenance, alteration, modification, power line surge, improper voltage supply, commercial use, or service by anyone other than an IonWays authorized repair facility, or damage attributable to acts of God.

Limits and exclusions: there are no express warranties except as listed above. The warrantor is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage; for damages arising out of the use of any unauthorized attachment; or for damages resulting from the use of the product with a defective water faucet. This warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop mineral build-up such as calcium in hard water areas. To maintain your warranty, replace your filter every 12 months. All express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period. Repair and/or replacement will be at the final discretion of Best Water Inc.

For warranty work, please call us for instructions: 1-877-770-5247(Customer Service toll-free).

Important note for International Customers: Best Water will cover the parts and labor portion of the warranty as outlined above. Best Water is not responsible for shipping for warranty work in any country outside of the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and Ecuador where the customer bears the expense of shipping. Customers and/or Associates who purchase any Best Water products including 220v units prior to a repair facility being open in their country will take full responsibility to bear any shipping costs to and from an authorized Best Water repair center for warranty work and for any duties or customs fees due. We suggest that any customer on an untreated water source (such as well or catchment) provide a water quality report to Best Water so that we may determine if pre-filtration is recommended.



The warranty on the Best Water pHD Countertop is for 3 years and begins on the original purchase date. The Best Water pHD Countertop warranty covers all parts and 100% of labor costs due to manufacturing defects only. Customer is responsible for shipping costs both ways unless unit is bad out of the box and returned within 14 days of purchase. The warranty expressly excludes damage caused by environmental damage including but not limited to mineral buildup due to hard water or high levels of iron or poor source water quality.  Warranty also includes paragraph five and six above.



IONIZERS (including pHD counterop) – We invite you to try out our range of Emco Tech ionizers. We are so sure that you will be satisfied that we offer you a 14 day money back guarantee. If at any time in the first 14 days you wish to return your electric ionizer, we will give you a full refund, less 20% restocking fee, as long as your  ionizer is returned in as new condition and in its original packing.

As new condition means that the ionizer is not scratched, damaged or broken in any way and is returned in proper working order in the original box with all the hoses. connectors, parts, manual and DVD etc. If you have NOT used the ionizer, and NOT opened the box, you can return the ionizer within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Return shipping charges must be prepaid by the purchaser.


ITEMS OTHER THAN IONIZERS – If you have NOT used any product, and NOT broken the manufacturer’s seal on the box, you can return the products within 30 days of purchase for a full refund less shipping cost. If you have broken the manufacturer’s seal or used the product in any way, you may return the product (exceptions are consumables, books and DVDs which are never refundable), subject to a 15% restocking charge within 14 days of purchase. The original shipping charges will not be refunded and return shipping charges must be prepaid by the purchaser.





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