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Magnet Water Softener, Descaler - Super Powerful x 2.


The no-salt softener that uses no electricity, no salt and no chemical.   Quick Install, Zero Maintenance, 100% Green Solution!  

Make in Canada

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Magnet Set $399 $225 for 2 : cold and hot water pipe. 
               $125 for 1 : cold water pipe 


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    Pipe Before Descale       Pipe After Descale
Magnetic Water Softeners can be very easily installed
Comes in Two Packs For Double Strength.
1 for Hot Water Pipe and
1 for Cold Water Pipe



Solution to Hard Water Condition Problems

Frustrated by reduced water pressure? Tired of calcium deposits clogging your faucets and shower heads? What about that hard to remove lime scale build-up on shower doors and tiles?

Solving your hard water problems has never been easier than with the technology of the Water Magnet.

The GTA-AquaMagnetic is a No-Salt Water Conditioner and Descaler.  It is an easy-to-install and does not use chemical, salt or electricity.  It uses the natural properties of magnetic field. magnetic water treatment.

Designed with high-strength barium ceramic magnets, our maintenance-free system is inexpensive, when compared to traditional water softeners, uses absolutely no energy, salt or chemicals and is scientifically proven to inhibit calcium and lime scale from forming. The Magnetic Water Softener also removes existing scale from your pipes and hot water tank over the long-term.




Magnetic Water Softener is Environmentally Friendly

The term hard water refers to a high mineral content. While it’s not an actual health risk, this particular type of water can be problematic. This is especially true for those individuals using well water.

Unlike traditional methods of treatment, GTA-AquaMagnetic's Magnetic Water Treatment system relies on the basic principles of physics, rather than salt or other harmful chemicals to soften your water supply.

Our environmentally friendly water magnets change the way hard water contaminates like calcium crystallize—or form lime scale. A short time after installation, calcium deposits become softer and are easier to clean from fixtures, sinks and kettles.

Pipes can become completely scale-free over time.

Magnetically conditioned water also feels fresher and cleaner. As calcium particulates remain suspended in the water while it flows through your pipes, they don’t stick to your dishes, hair or skin.


The science behind The Hard Water Magnet.

Though many are not familiar with the salt free water softener or "water magnet", magnetic fluid conditioning 1.7otherwise known as magnetohydrodynamics or MHD) is nothing new. In the mid-eighteen hundreds, British scientist Michael Faraday made an important discovery: water flowing past a conductive material generates an electrical charge.

The AquaMagna No-Salt Water softener and Descaler is based on this very principle. Our high-strength barium ceramic magnets create a magnetic field. When water flows past the powerful water magnets, it magnetizes the flowing fluid and disrupts the natural bonding of water molecules—altering the structure of the scale-forming minerals.

Key Term

Magnetohydrodynamics: Water flowing past a conductive material generates an electrical charge

So when using a magnetic water softener, the magnetic water changes the ionic form of hard water contaminates like calcium carbonate. And, through simple physics, keeps these particulates from crystallizing or in the form of lime scale. Instead, these molecules remain suspended in the water flow while it passes through your plumbing system.

Despite its simplicity, however, magnetohydrodynamics is just beginning to gain popularity in North America. Advanced technology has led to stronger, more effective magnets. Continued study of this natural phenomenon has also enabled us to utilize its full potential.


The GTA-AquaMagnetic system uses a natural process—one that works effectively without the use of salt or other chemicals.

As well, our environmentally safe no salt water softener prevents hard water minerals like calcium carbonate from crystallizing—or forming lime scale. Crusty, white scale deposits are easier to clean from fixtures, sinks and kettles soon after installation.

Scale is removed from your pipes and hot water tank over time.

A water conditioner that is magnetically enabled produces water that also feels fresher and cleaner. As particulates remain suspended in the water while it flows through your pipes, calcium deposits don’t stick to your dishes, hair or skin.




How to choose a magnetically enabled Water Conditioner

Like any household product you purchase, we urge you to consider the following criterion when selecting your magnetic no salt water softener system:

  • Choose the appropriate design, considering things like polarity, size and magnetic strength. As well, be sure the magnetic field has sufficient power and is most intense in the center of the pipe—where it is needed the most. Many models on the market are simply not effective due to their poor design, small size, and lack of magnetic strength.
  • Choose a reliable manufacturer/brand. Honest manufacturers will clearly explain the differences between magnetic water conditioning and actual water softening with salt.
  • Do your research before making a purchase. Reputable manufacturers will be interested in your particular circumstances before making a sale. Take the time to understand competitive pricing and ask for a list of satisfied customers—whether residential, industrial or commercial installations.
  • Inquire about customer support. Make sure you know who to contact after the sale has taken place.

 Magnetic Field Focusing versus Typical Designs 



Typical Designs


Highest grade ceramic magnets are configured to focus almost all of the magnetic energy into the pipe and flowing fluid.


 Although magnets are positioned adjacent to pipe circumference, only part of the magnetic energy is directed into the pipe and flowing fluid.


Magnetic Water Softener

The Magnetic water softener provides a permanent hard water solution.

If you have been searching for a quick and easy way to treat hard water and eliminate corrosion in your factory or business, magnetic water softener by GTA-AquaMagnetic is an affordable and permanent solution.

GTA-AquaMagnetic supplies water conditioners manufactured by Magna-Tek across North America. Contact us for more information on our magnetic water softener that can achieve benefits and characteristics of soft water cost-effectively.

Our magnetic water softener is a natural water conditioner that will increase your systems’ efficiency and reduce operating costs. It also acts as a water descaler because it removes accumulation in evaporative condensers, and pipes and spray nozzles no longer clog up. You can even use it for easy maintenance of your Bradley sink.

Its effectiveness and economic benefits make it the first choice of local governments and North American industries of all types. In addition, its chemical-free properties render it environmentally friendly and guarantee safe use.

Where can you use the GTA-AquaMagnetic clamp-on water magnetic water softener?
• Boilers
• Cooling towers
• Heat exchangers
• Spray equipment
• Domestic water lines

How does our portable water conditioner work?
• Prevents and removes scale build-up
• Reduces surface tension
• Increases water flow and pressure
• Protects valuable equipment
• Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer
• Easy clamp-on feature requires no plumbing or cutting of pipes
• Uses no electricity or maintenance to operate
• Never needs replacement as there are no moving parts to wear out

What are the cost benefits of magnetic water treatment with GTA-AquaMagnetic?
• Most systems pay for themselves in the very first year
• Saves cost by reducing or eliminating need for chemicals
• Lowers energy bills because it reduces fuel/power consumption by eliminating  lime scale build-up at heat exchange points
• Lessens system downtime for maintenance and general plumbing repairs
• Offer protection that prolongs equipment replacement costs
• Eliminates maintenance expenses

GTA-AquaMagnetic magnetic water softener is also available for agricultural and residential use.

Magnetic water treatment from GTA-AquaMagnetic saves you money year after year and helps protects the environment.


Installation: As Easy as 1,2,3


The residential water conditioning system comes with two sets, each consisting of two identical units. Two units clamp together on the cold water pipe and the other two units clamp together on the hot water pipe with the powerful magnetic field running along the pipe.


Water Conditioner - Installation diagram
Water Conditioner Installation - Cold Water Component1. COLD WATER PIPE
Install one set (two units) on the cold water pipe, after the water meter and before the hot water tank. Always place after any electric ground wire clamp that uses the cold water line for grounding.
Water Conditioner Installation- Hot Water Component

Install one set on the domestic hot water outlet pipe.


Magnetic Water Conditioner Installation: Step 1

Align two units opposing each other (units will repel). Loosely fasten bolt and wing nut through holes on one side of units. Keep loose until step 2 is completed.


Magnetic Water Conditioner Installation: Step 2

Place set around pipe and repeat procedure in step 1 on other side. Tighten wing nuts so assembled set is secure and centered along pipe.



FREE Shipping
Magnet Set $399 $225 for 2 : cold and hot water pipe. 
               $125 for 1 : cold water pipe 

60 Days Satisfaction Period



Questions and Contact
 If you have questions, please call
416-618-3532 (GTA) 1-888-322-3589

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