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Get Triple-Treat™ protection for every water tap in

your house with the Hydro-Safe filtration system!

Get safe, great tasting drinking water, delivered to every tap in your house with the Hydro-Safe filtration system for whole house water treatment.

The unique Hydro-Safe filtration system incorporates three technologies in one unit to provide three-step treatment to remove harmful bacteria, cysts, tastes, odors, sediment, chlorine and other harmful drinking water contaminants.

Here’s how the “triple-treat” process works!

Step #1

0.2 Micro-filtration

The Hydro-Safe filter cartridge is pleated for greater surface area using a micro-fiber, rated at 0.2 micron. This unique filter media is certified under NSF / ANSI Standard 53 for cysts reduction

and has the capacity to remove sub-micron particles and harmful microorganisms with very little pressure drop or flow restriction. This is an important step in the triple-treat process.

Step #2

Carbon Treatment

An exceptionally fine activated carbon powder is added to the sub micron filter fiber using an

electrostatic bonding process. Activated carbon provides a secondary treatment process to remove chlorine, taste and odors.

Step #3

UV Light disinfection

During the final process, water flows into a stainless steel reaction chamber where it is exposed to a 254 nanometer UV lamp. Inside this chamber bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms are destroyed to provide disinfection without the use of chemicals.

Independent lab validated

Hydro-Safe systems have been tested by Bio-Vir labs to validate performance. Test results confirm bacteria is reduced by 99.9%.

(E-coli bacteria used for tests.)


Cartridges have double o-rings for superior sealing and performance.





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