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Testimonials Sent to Scalewatcher Company

Below are buyers' testimonials sent to Scalewatcher Company.

"Since installing the Scalewatcher I can rinse my contacts and my hands with water without burning my eyes, before I had to rinse my fingers and contacts with wetting solution before putting them on."

C.C. Brown Valley CA

Re: Your Scalewatcher Inquiry
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 10:29:43 EST


By all means! I have already spoken with MANY of my friends in Las Vegas about this amazing little "genie". I look at my toilets now that used to have water rings in just a couple of days and see nothing but clear water! It's the best money that I've spent
in years!

Las Vegas


Dear Pam,

It was so great to hear that our 5 year old Scalewatcher is on warranty, and will be back to work soon. This device has changed my life. Our well water is extremely hard and used to quickly clog all my hot water pipes and faucets, plus our on demand water heater. Since installing the 3 star Scalewatcher my pipes have cleared themselves and I am no longer throwing away hopelessly clogged faucets and pipes. My hot water heater used to be almost completely clogged every 2 or 3 months, is now clear all year. I still remember when I first got it, my wife looked at me as if I had just bought a box of rocks, but later that day told me that she got good lather on the first application of shampoo, instead of a little on the third. This is a fabulous device and you back it up with a great guarantee.

Thank you,

Glenn Goodman, 707 322 1082, PO Box 36, Lower Lake, Ca,


Hello! Just wanted to let your company know your Scale Watcher is amazing! It's still too early to say how effective long term use since I've received the 3 Star unit only a day ago. . But when my husband installed this unit, I've noticed the scum just break off when I tested it out by trying to clean some of my appliances. I couldnt believe the way my bathroom faucet looked shiny again! If my 3 Star unit continued to work this good then it was worth spending the money on your Scale Watcher.. Thank you for having this hard water treatment system and for resolving my water problem.. .

Sincerely yours,
Fay Moy
From: Bill Ramsey []
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 2:44 PM
To: 'Aqua Genesis'
Subject: RE: 28 grains

Hi Jane,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we love your 3 STAR product. Within 48 hours we started seeing huge results. My wife made the mistake of using her normal amount of shampoo in the shower and ended up spending 20 extra minutes trying to get all of the suds out of her hair. We have cut down on washing machine detergents, body wash and my ice maker will love you forever. In less than two weeks our water spotting issues are almost gone. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. But now I am sold for life. Installation was the hardest part! The directions were great but I only had a very small access panel in the wall to work with and my big mitts didn’t fit so well. No fault of yours! LOL… I have given away all of the brochures that you sent and have sent web page links to everyone else. Thank you so much.

Bill Ramsey
Elko, NV. 89801


Re: Your Scalewatcher
Sender Scalewatcher North America
Recipient Ray Seguin ,
Date 11.12.2008 15:15

Dear Mr. Sequin,
Thank you for your email!  We never hear enough from our customers and we are proud to serve you.
If possible, could we use your email on our website for testimonial?
Wishing you and yours a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON,
Your Scalewatcher Team

Ray Seguin wrote:
We received our Scalewatcher today, plugged it in and it’s working properly. We are impressed and thankful with regards to the outstanding service your establishment extended to us. We have confidences in your product.



I have had ScaleWatcher in 2 of my homes, the first home, my pipes were corroded and my waterheater needed it's elements replaced nearly every 1-1/2 yrs. after ScaleWatcher was installed, I did'nt need to change the elements in the 3-1/2 years I remained living there.  My faucets didn't corrode and my toilet didn't have a ring forming in it anymore.  In my home that I'm living in now, 15 yrs. in all, I've had ScaleWatcher in it right from the start.  When I called ScaleWatcher about moving to my new home, they told me to return my unit and they replaced it with one to suit the new size home at no charge.  My water heater is operating 15 yrs. with no maintenance on the elements and my water became so hot I thought something was wrong with it but it was only because the ScaleWatcher cleaned the elements of anything that may have been on them, I actually had to change the settings on both elements.  Any plumbing work that I've had done showed the pipes were clean inside.  When I hand wash any dishes or glasses, they dry unbelievably clean, and any spots that may be on anything can be wiped off easily.  I have an Aprilaire humidifier built into my heating system and every year when the furnace is cleaned the water pane in the humidifier needs to be replaced.  The water pane was un-recognizable in the beginning it was so corroded and now it's so clean after a heating season that it almost doesn't need to be replaced, but I do it anyway.  I guess you can tell that I'm very happy with ScaleWatcher.

Jean C. Haldeman
255 Nichols Street
Leesport, Pa., 19533
Phone - 610-926-1962

Pam, you have my permission to use my testimony on ScaleWatcher on the Web Site.


from:  Pam
Subject:  Re: questions facing Fair
Date:  2 June 2011 12:23:42 AM GMT+07:00
To:  Jan P. de Baat Doelman
Cc:  Barteau Hermanos

Dear Ricardo and Jan,

My Canadian dealers have had very good luck using a simple TDS meter that they got at a hardware store.
To show the unit is working, they test water before it is treated with the SW.  They install the SW and give it a few days before testing again.
Using the same TDS meter, they are able to show the customer that the TDS goes way up initially.  As the pipes are being cleared of scale, testing with the TDS meter shows a reduction therefore showing that the unit is working as it should.
I have had an interesting testimony which I will share with both of you.
One of my dealers from out west called and said that they wanted to convey a big THANK YOU from one of his customers.  It seems that a lady purchased one for her home and instead of installing it there, she asked if my dealer would install at her daughters home.  Her daughter had a new baby that was suffering from extreme eczema to the point that the doctors were considering hospitalizing the baby. The child's skin was so raw it bled.  In her research, she had heard that our unit helped with skin rashes and therefore her request to her salesman.  Not wanting to lose the sale, he said of course and did the install at her daughter’s home.
He said this was about 8 weeks ago.
Just last week, he got a call from the grandmother ordering another unit to be installed in HER home.  She said that she wanted to know exactly when he would be there.  When he questioned her as to "WHY", she said that she wanted to be sure that he got to see the baby that he had helped so much.
There is only a bit of pinkness on the child's skin now where it used to be so raw it bled.
I am trying very hard to get the customer to write testimony for us.
Sincerely and with best regards,



Date: 10 November 2011 8:57:31 AM GMT+07:00

To: ""

Subject: testimony

 I have used a Scalewatcher System (Model DS-3) for several years and it has reduced or eliminated scale in our home all that time. Before purchasing the system we had to replace our hotwater furnace coil more often than I would like to admit. Since the system has been installed, our furnace coil has not had to be replaced. Not only am I impressed by the product but I am even more impressed by the company.

This fall I had a new zone added to our house and the old zones reorganized. During the process the plumbers misplaced or threw away the DS-3 coil that wraps the pipe. I phoned  Scalewatcher in Oxford, PA and was greeted by a living human voice, which is a treat in this digital age. The lady was polite, listened to my story and transferred me to Pam, another living human voice, who listened to my problem. She quickly asked me to send her an email and she would get back with the information I needed. Not only did she have the coil sent out immediately, at no cost, but also emailed me the manual. This kind of service and attention to a customer makes a company worth dealing with. Thank you again.

Byron Morse 


 ----- Original Message -----

From: Donna Henley

To: waterprocessingw
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 5:47 AM
Subject: FW: Scale Watcher

January 5, 2010
Mike Henley
4047 Sherborne Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35210
(205) 637 1144
Water Processing Company

Mr. Chatham,

I would like to share with your company the great satisfaction we have ex-perienced since having Scale Watcher installed in our home.

It has been approximately 3 years since the installation of the product. Our home is 25 years old, with the original pluming.  Before Scale Watcher we had ugly scale around the faucets and build-up on the shower heads. Our showers had years of scum build up that would not scrub off.  Our white clothes always seemed dingy even though we used Bleach in the laundry. We frequently had to replace a part on our ice make and buy new coffee makers.

After Scale Watcher, over a period of time the scale build up disappeared from the faucets, shower heads, and the build up on the fiberglass showers gone.  Our clothes are noticeably cleaner and whiter. Now we easily clean the bathrooms and have no more scale build up. We use less laundry detergent and less shampoo. We use less electric dish washer detergent and we no longer buy Jet Dry. Our glasses and dishes clean better and have no water spots, it is wonderful! The water is soft and the shampoo lathers big, a huge Difference in the water before Scale Watcher.


Subject: Performance of Scale Watcher
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 14:19:19 EDT

Just a note to say how pleased I am with our Scale Watcher. It was one of the first out and we purchased it at the Harrisburg Builder's Show.We have been in our home since 1978 and the amazing thing is we have never replaced our hot water heater or any part of it. For the first few years I would always drain the calcium out of it, but after having the Scale Watcher installed, I noticed that there wasn't any calcium when I drained I, just clear water. This coming week we are finally going to get a new water heater and not because ours does not work well, but because of the energy efficiency being so much improved. Even my plumber is amazed about how it performs.
Thanks to Scale Watcher for many years of service and many more to come.

Jay Young
Dillsburg, Pa.

At 10:48 AM 24/10/2006, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Quaid,

We are attempting to find a way to reduce the cost to our customers when we ship to Canada.Until we find the way, we wish to send you a check for $50.00 to offset a portion of the CDN tax bill that you recieved from customs.It is our desire to help our customers, not hurt them. I am sending the check via United Parcel Post and you should have it within a week. Please let me know when you receive it.

Sincerely and with best regards,
Pam McDowell
Scalewatcher North America


Dear Pamela,
Thank you for your prompt response to my concern, I appreciate the $50 gesture. I have recommended your product to a number of people and it has already shown benefits in my home. We have a 2 year old home, so it was more a preventative measure to avoid scale build up in the plumbing in the future, but one thing I really noticed (and this may sound funny - but please pass it on to the "powers that be" but one of the major differences I noticed was that my Mach 3 razors (for shaving) takes about 2-3 weeks to become blunt. Whereas before, I was replacing them every 3-4 days (due to the hardness in the water). Please pass this on - as it was quite dramatic within 2-3 days of installing my unit.

Thanks again,
Patrick T. Quaid

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for introducing us to the ElectraFlo System. (Private label Scalewatcher).  My husband and I moved outside the city limits about a year ago.  We have very bad hard water from a water well.  We had the water tested several times, and they told us not even a water softener would help us.  We have experienced so many problems, even in our new house because of the hard water. The faucet aerators we are having to clean out at least once a week, the soap you can not get to lather in the shower, and the hard water stains are terrible. We purchased, and had our unit installed in a matter of minutes on 7-31-08 (Thursday).  On Saturday, August 2nd just a few days after the system was installed, I already experienced a huge difference.  After washing my hair in the shower, it was so soft.  It was even softer than when I washed my hair with Midland water, or at my Mother’s house (who has a heavy duty water softener). I am so very excited to see how many other things it is going to change.  If it only took the three days to make this much difference, I can only imagine the changes yet to come.  So thank you again.
I will keep you updated on the new and exciting changes!

Thanks Again,
Tammy and Wesley

From: champ123 []
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 10:22 AM
To: Eduardo Jalles

I have had my Small Wonder for just a week, but boy what a difference a week makes!  Here in Ohio, we have terribly hard water, and I have been using a salt softener for years.  About a month ago, the salt softener broke and our plumber said we needed a new one.  I knew there were environmentally friendly ones available as my sister, who lives in France, has been using one for several years.  So after some internet searching, found the Small Wonder. 

After a month without any softener, the Small Wonder really had it's work cut out for it - nasty limescale on everything and iron stains on top of that!  Yuk!  I think you should re-name it the 'Mighty Small Wonder'!  Within a day my water was clear coming out of the faucet - not the usual murky cloud.  The taste was as good as that from our PUR filter, and no more hard water smell!  My electric kettle which had been scaling up with every use, is now actually descaling itself!  Amazing!  I thought I would use the kettle as a benchmark, and every time I use it, you can see the scale disappearing. It is incredible how soft my skin feels after a shower, and my eczema is almost gone already.   I am already reccommending the Small Wonder to everyone I know.  It is the best investment I have made for my home.  Thank you so very much Small Wonder - I wouldn't be without one!! 

Shirley Fox
Marengo, OHIO


We love our Scale Watcher and would recommend it to others.

Mike Henley

Reviewed By .

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